About Me

Hi I’m Bebe Janish

and I decided to expand my expertise with the intention to empower those looking for healing to reconnect with their own inner knowing and guidance in an even deeper way. With over 30 years administrative experience working closely with physicians in corporate healthcare systems in SD, TX and VA, I knew there was more to healing than what was being taught in residency programs and the scientific approach of western medicine.

This led me to complete my Master’s Degree in Applied Healing Arts from the MD University of Integrative Health with an additional Post Graduate certificate in Transformational Leadership and Social Change. This incredible master’s program helped me gain in depth knowledge of Eastern Medicine and wisdom based on the Five Elements. It also led me to pursue “where my deepest passion interests with the world’s greatest hunger.” And for me, that passion is combining the latest science in healing with the spiritual and quantum field of healing arts in a way that honors our unique inner wisdom and our body’s ability to heal itself.

I have had the additional privilege of training with some of the world’s leading experts on innovative healing modalities, including the work of Louise Hay, Delores Cannon, Antonio Sangio and Alba Weinman. As such, I am a Licensed Heal Your Life Coach and workshop leader, and am certified in Introspective Hypnosis as well as a Level II QHHT practitioner.

My unique education, background and experience with “the unseen” led me to creating Quantum Heal Your Life Therapy, a unique combination of healing life coaching and quantum hypnosis. I also offer QHHT and Introspective sessions. My intention is to support you in realizing you have the power to heal within and can access this along with the best of western medicine and healing art practices. This combination honors the Wholeness of your being….mind, body and soul.

While gaining knowledge from others is important, personal experience is key to fully understanding. BELIEVING something you were told by a teacher, parent, authority figure and KNOWING something within yourself, is the fact that you experienced and lived it. That’s why both coaching and hypnosis sessions are designed to begin with your personal experience and allow your higher self to guide us through your unique healing and transformational experience.

Not sure, if a coaching package or hypnosis session is right for you? I invite you to explore the information provided and listen to what feels right for you. You will know which you prefer and if working with me feels right for you. Trust that.

“And once you know something, you can’t unknow it, you are forever changed….even if you choose to ignore it.”

Balancing and integrating the healing ARTS with the healing SCIENCE provides us the best opportunity to heal our physical, mental and emotional.

Bebe Janish is a certified QHHT and Introspective hypnotherapist and lisenced self healing coach with a private practice in Charlotte, NC. She received her Master’s Degree in Applied Healing Arts and Post Graduate Certificate in Transformational Leadership and Social Change from Maryland University of Integrated Health before becoming a Level II QHHT practioner (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique) training with Delores Cannon’s daughter Julia and later completing additional certification in Introspective Hypnosis, with Antonio Sangio and Alba Weinman. Bebe is also a licensed Heal Your Life coach and workshop leader certified by Louise L. Hay, best selling author and founder of Hay House.

After a 30 plus year career in physician services/recruitment administrative roles in corporate healthcare systems in SD, TX and VA, Bebe left the corporate healthcare world to embark on her own practice to support others in truly healing themselves. She is committed to going deep to investigate the root cause of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual dis ease in the body, accessing the place where true healing lies. 

Her clients receive self healing through words as medicine, her support in releasing beliefs that no longer serve, past life regression, time travel, spirit & dark energy releasement, connecting with their own Divine inner wisdom and aligning with their soul or true highest self. In her presence, life shows up as Home; comfortable, accepting and unconditional. In her private sessions client’s come to recognize the perfect whole and complete being they really are. She holds a sacred space for souls to discover their own powerful energy and insights and self healing to occur. A space to  “Be” who you really are. A space the great poet Rumi calls “The field, out beyond right doing and wrong doing” she meets her clients there. 

Bebe currently resides in Charlotte, NC with her husband Paul. To renew her Spirit, she loves spending  time with her 2 sons and daughter and their families. She considers her children and 5 grandchildren,  some of her greatest teachers in life. To renew her Soul, she loves being in nature surrounded by trees, the ocean or in the mountains and exploring all things “unseen.”

How will I support you with our hypnosis sessions?


My role is to support you in asking the most important questions and to facilitate and support you in your self-discovery.



My aim is not to cure because I don’t believe we should give our power away to anyone.

Rather, we can appreciate the free will that has been bestowed on us.



This gift of choice comes with the responsibility of asking difficult questions about ourselves and our life choices. As well as requiring us to have the courage to accept and forgive our decisions in the past and let go of whatever no longer serves us.

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