Good Cop/Bad Cop….. Are you speeding through life? 

This morning as we drove through the tunnel of beautiful tall evergreens on both sides of a VA highway, I notice a cop car tucked in the trees ” waiting to catch someone” doing something wrong, I think. Then I wondered how often do I do this? 

How often am I the cop, hiding in the trees on the side of the road of my life focusing on everything I’m doing wrong instead of what I’m doing right? 

If I’m honest, I spend way too much time policing my  life this way …. focusing on speeding through it ….with only the destination in mind when I could choose to slow down & focus on the scenery, take in the view, allow the trees to remind me of all the abundance on the way. 

Good cop/ Bad cop? It’s my choice. And where I am in the moment is what I am vibrating out into the world. Today I choose to focus on good thoughts and let the bad ones off the hook.